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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 12, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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>> one of chicago's bravest remembered in tonight we hear from the fire victims at the last call. it is our top story seen or round the country tonight seen on wgn america. he was an 18 year veteran of the chicago fire department. the
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work continued tonight at engine company 121 where flags flew at half staff to remember walter jr. died of heart attack sunday night at the little company of mary hospital after responding to a fire earlier in the night. he is an excellent father, the best father that my children could have. his widow today told us that her husband who most knew by his childhood nickname of bobble realize that his lifelong dream of being a chicago firefighter when he was 43 years old. he liked helping people and so he really wanted to be with the firefighters that's where he thought he could help people. some told us that he always had a smile on his face and a good word for others and he served as a mentor for many and shared his love of
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cooking, especially dry rub. he was renowned for his barbecue and there are a lot of guys that can really cook well he can really put it together. he was willing to help you in any way that he could. he was actually teaching me how to drive to get my certification. when you work with him if you know she was working and you knew you were going to have a good day. kevin hornsby stopped by the engine company tonight to pay his respects it was his apartment where he had his final call monday night. i was grateful because they saved my life. >> he is survived by his wife and their three children the youngest daughter is still in college. we are live in the
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beverley neighborhood tonight. >> the men and women who put on a military uniform to protect our country, today is veterans day. here in chicago there were several celebrations. it's a day when we remember those who have made great sacrifices for our freedoms. a veteran himself is celebrating on the south side of the 86 annual veterans day parade. illinois governor did
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just that for these newlyweds as they buy their first home in suburban westchester. the army sergeant first class from a $5 million state investment in helps make home ownership more affordable for military families in help over 500 families so far which the governor believes results in more jobs for illinois. to all of our service members who are wearing the uniform of our country we think them profoundly with deep gratitude for their service to our democracy and our country, welcome home heroes is a great great program to express from the people of illinois and investment in housing our veterans when they come home. and while they partnered with
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the u.s. postal service to feverishly fill 600 care packages for soldiers still serving overseas. it is a taste of home and it reminds them that people love them here in our thinking about them and that's what it's all about letting them know that they are cared about. and on this veterans day preserving the memories of the american service members. how war stories and our veterans voices are being honored and their memories saved. add emanuel to the growing list of politicians calling on congress and jesse jackson jr. to address future plans. i think that congressman jackson it is incumbent upon him to have a conversation with his constituents about his intentions. outside of one of
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the recorded phone messages jackson has not been heard from he has been under treatment for depression and bipolar to disorder. it was revealed that he was under investigation for possibly miss using campaign funds to furnish his home in d.c. congressman danny davis spoke out about the investigation today into senator dick durbin. and senator dick durbin. >> it looks like there will be some determination as to how factual allegations are and i think the congressman will make a decision based upon that. sources tell wgn tonight that the congressman is not represented and he was overwhelmingly reelected to office last tuesday. and romijn
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emanuel also dealing with city hall officials accused of illegally taping phone conversations of local journalists. he's saying it's much ado about nothing he added it's not policy to record interviews. last week he filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city recording any conversation in illinois without the consent of the person involved is a felony. david's betrays admits to that extramarital affair why members of congress are steamed about what they found out and when. tom skilling in the weather center in tonight we have snow flurries in the area you looked out the window our radar is a low this after a 30 degree temperature drop how long will the colder last? there is warmer air on the way we will tell you
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when it gets here later on the full weather story. o ♪ ♪
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petraeus turned in his resignation but there are still lot of questions about the relationship that brought him down. a time when cnn has put together shows the republican house majority leader may have known about former cia director david extramarital affair before the president did. he found out from an fbi employee concerned that national security may have been breached as a result of the affair. president barack obama didn't find out about the affair until after election day. they are upset that neither they nor the president were informed until late last week. the president should have been told about it and he said there was no breach of security as a result of the affair the congressman called the fbi is
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leadership to report the information he got on october the 31st but the fbi's probe had already been underway for months the journal says that the investigation began in may when email described a threatening woman that jill kellie a family friend of david's. by late summer the wall street journal reports that the bureau had led to broad well to try as, that's when the journal says top law- enforcement officials informed eric holder of the situation. once the white house when some staffer knows when sperry's people find out about something i think it's almost instant you see this all the time. if former fbi assistant director says under its protocol the fbi and justice department should have kept it inside their circle. there was no evidence of
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either the journal reports the fbi interviewed him one week before the election and nbc news reports that the bureau wrapped up its investigations on november 2nd. he was scheduled to testify in front of congress regarding the u.s. embassy not even one week after the election the honeymoon is apparently over president barack obama in congress to issue the so-called fiscal cliff the president and house republicans cannot reach it dealreach a deal, it could crush the economy. businesses are not making any risky moves. time is
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almost up on the president and congress. >> it's almost like the perfect store we have this fiscal cliff on top of that in the midst of a recession. he says he weighs his option on taxes and the rest of us are in a holding pattern. i just think that we don't know what that will look like so people are holding back employment holding back investments. just look at the stock market on wednesday after the election. this is a
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financial professional and author of investment discipline. he said his reaction had little to do with the president's reelection it was about uncertainty. the head of to paul's department of political science says that the deal they're discussing may not happen before the deadline politics is of course in play. anything they do will either be a tax cut or a credit for without actually doing anything. he says a grand bargain is on
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likely some small compromises could happen he says it's in the democrats' interest to get a deal done as soon as possible but republicans gain leverage by waiting february. still to come your medical watch j. kohler is facing possible time off with an injury we will look at how your brain recovers from a concussion like that and maybe not to recover long term. the new chicago public school proposal to keep kids healthy. america's veterans serving their country again in the wake of hurricane sandy almost exactly two weeks after sandy hit the east coast. the story is coming up.
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>> two weeks since the super storm hit the cleanup is still any very early stages an incredible amount of damage still left behind. this long after sandy and still nothing. they did, and put stickers on the house saying the foundation is safe a terrible ordeal since the storm hits, no lights, no power. maybe give some comfort to someone maybe get them in a direction just so it will go away but it will take time. there is a full and half of sand in the basement, all of a clean
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up by some of the thousands of volunteers who turned out here over the weekend led by members of team rubicon on organization designed to repurchase america's veterans. for peace time. people's lives have been destroyed by this incredible force of nature. locals certainly believe what happened here but what they cannot believe is how long it has taken to make the situation right they also are dumb struck by the number of people who have come from all over the country and all walks of life including a lot of people from chicago land.
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in world war two veteran sharing a personal experience in a suburban courthouse. the project that aims to turn those memories into a promised part of american history. and last night's injuries to the bears' quarterback j. cutler. and it's the new chicago public schools take a hard look at what is inside that vending machine. raihow long does it take to recover
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from a concussion and what does it do to the brain? quarterback j. cutler this weekend and a new strict rule from the nfl about dealing with a brain assault when he took that hit from houston he saw his head strike the ground but that's not the
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end of what is playing out inside his brain. >> it is in this batch of fluid called cerebrospinal fluid and fibers are torn or brain cells are not working from that not just linear but rotatory injury. helmets cannot alter the resultant force to the brain moving back and forth against this call. preventing skull fractures major bleeding in the brain, but they have a limited ability because of the brain's ability to move inside the skull to prevent concussions. the skull is intact brain cells are damaged and doctors say patients cannot take another hit without the possibility of further lasting damage. there's a period of time where the brain cells are not working. and we think
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until that resolve's during that vulnerability. for potential of another injury and that's why the delay of play is so critical first an assessment on the sidelines immediately after injury. where do you think the circumstances are? were we doing out here. if you know it's a football game what's the score? what's going on and what have been the recent events second i want you to look at me and connect with me into not be spaced out to you have a headache? then there is a physical component the neurological institute win me through the drill. see if you are steady and make the turns correctly and comeback and then have you stand out here in told your arms out, close your eyes.
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and open your eyes into not put your arms down and stand on 1 ft. brain scans cannot identify a concussion and only after death can brain analysis determine the likely long-term effects so doctors are left to tackle the question by constantly reevaluating symptoms. >> in general very mild concussions will put players back one week or so but that's different if it doesn't go way it can be different if it's multiple concussions and it can be different depending on their age and are they making a living like this? j. kohler did suffer a previous concussion in 2010 now he cannot play until he is symptom free. >> we worry about the cumulative number the exposure to head blows but it really depends on how he is doing and his ability to recover from this latest episode. the move toward
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at 525 this evening the first one since last march 30th as in this city. in the city. we are doing all right. pipestone lake at southwest michigan. look what to our air mass in here with the cold did to colorado, beautiful scenes from jeremy swanson out in aspen snow mass colorado where the skiers have to be ecstatic as many white mountain tops of the west have been widened by snow and the onset of this cold there. here are the cumulus clouds that started
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spitting over parts of the area late today. and it is the first official snow in seven and a half months since march 30th. the last 15 years we hunted on that has been around november 3rd look at the exponential growth and the coverage of snow across the country the snowpack has expanded 13 fold in just a last 10 days and it now covers nearly one-third of the country we will not get it to accumulate much here. here's the latest raid our view. one little corridor of snow there is the
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leading edge of the cold air it has been roaring east word and it is sending the cold air deep into the south tonight there are frost and freeze advisories' in this area and snow advisory is in parts of montana where up to 4 ft. of snow fell on some of the mountains. highs today near eagle alaska only about 12 below zero we are 34 degrees below where we were this time last night that is a 30 degree drop between yesterday's 70 and today's 38 degree afternoon temperatures and actually bumped up to 40. it's like going from early autumn too early winter. it is going to be cold tonight
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our suburbs could get down to the teams out west wind gusts went up to 40 mi. per hour in parts of the area. you folks in crystal lake all got in on it. 32 at griffes. these are the highs today the west and northwest suburbs didn't get out of the '30's. those readings would be very much at home in early december rather than the early part of november and here is where we are tonight. here is
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the sunshine that we will enjoy tomorrow. it's hard to believe but they have another northeaster apparently taking shape. 6-17 m.p.h., sunny but
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chilly. it's 10 degrees below normal tomorrow. increasing clouds and cold, 30 toman night and son through extensive high cloudiness. so just a little bit of cloud cover to decorate the sky and i high above 48 degrees. the movement to keep personal first-person accounts of world war two alive next how. donut. chips, chips! [ female announcer ] silence those tempting thoughts
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these are my polar bears. he used to wash them in hot water. he didn't
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get the irony. i'm not the tree-hugging type. but i am the saving money on energy type. so we switched to the cold cycle and with tide coldwater his teddy bears are clean. polar bears. that's our tide for conserving energy. on this veterans day we want to tell you about a local effort part of a nationwide program from the library of congress called the gunman's history project. we are here with more. the federal program began in 2000 and has collected 85,000 oral histories so far helping in
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that effort is an entire court house and waukegan. many other employees set aside one day last month to record the amazing wartime experiences of a dozen world war two veterans. we fall out of formation the second engine is starting to smoke. we walked but very mild altogether. we walked. there were memories still so big it even though nearly 70 years have passed, 88 year-old george carlo was a radioman on ab 24 liberator one week after his 20th birthday he was shot down during a bombing mission. >> the navigator there were body
9:42 pm
parts all over the airplane. but he still has the 1944 telegram first informing his parents he was missing in action that his status as a german prisoner of war. >> they walked us out of the gate and they told us you are not coming back inside 91 days across northern poland and germany, some days we get one boiled potato and day. when i got to oxford england to the hospital i weighed 98 lbs.. >> asking the question is lake county state's attorney michael waller. jury rooms are closed for business on this day as dozens of courthouse employees help bring this project to life. getting an opportunity to share their stories with the world via the library of congress, why would you not do that? 86 year-
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old fred reuven a guard during the nuremberg trials. he knew some but not the man assigned to him, not to julia's striker a powerful anti-semitic propaganda. i heard that he was responsible for thousands of people being killed. 90 year- old don morrison can still wear his uniform and he served as a medic at the battle of the bulge another experience fans out even more. i tried to get the dextrose in their veins but i bent needles left and right because i was hitting bolland. >> for years he wouldn't talk about his experience as the
9:44 pm
legendary fillmore rockers a group of soldiers who fought the japanese deep in enemy territory in burma. i just did not want to relive it it was very hard to remember a couple of years after the war i used to think of the young japanese soldiers and i felt very sorry for them just as much as i did our soldiers that they died for a cause to. this was a day of living history as told by the very men who lived through these events memories and emotions that remain all too clear. >> i have a lot of memories that i am a very emotional about the life that i had and i'm happy i am alive. the veterans history project welcomes veterans of all wars we are
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hurry? try 2 hour express whitestrips just in time for a white holiday. will stay chicago public schools will consider new healthy snack and beverage policies as part of the cts initiative that calls for severely limiting the sales soft drinks energy drinks and sports drinks and it would also require milk to be low-fat or nonfat it would be limited to 6 ounces in elementary school and 8 ounces in high school. the ice skating begins this friday in chicago. tom skilling is here. they're pretty good at refrigerating these i would imagine with a little refrigeration that will be ok.
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it's only near 40. the day after we go into the mid-40s in the day after that you will see we will go into the 50s. look how much of the country is chilly. the day when terrifies. will average just one degree below normal. then we turn colder after that from the looks of things the pattern will warm this weekend into next week. time for the busy thanksgiving travel period. we are still fairly chilly on wednesday. the
9:50 pm
wind will be blowing in from the southeast off of the lake. it all works out as we see it well. >> the short end bulls back in action at the united center highlights from the west side. the full slate of college basketball including the fighting irish, dan roan is next
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in sports. [ female announcer ]
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keep our country safe but nobody could stay in front of rondo. he had a 13 point lead in the fourth when the bulls got back into it he drops it and they were actually within a bucket in the final minutes but twice in a row here is a big rebound by touch gibson so the balls were within two but two times in a row they ran a perfect two-man game. the celtics get out with a 101-95 win. we actually covered that play in the pre-game and they are good at it and we got hawn not all little bit and the ball is going away from you you have to know what is coming, you have to read it. levy smith says that j. culver was feeling
9:55 pm
better at the end of the game last night but he does have a concussion certainly not the first time it's happened to him into that may make his return a bit more problematic. you watched the game against houston, you saw it happen, a late hit that drew a flag and put him on two green street there is a stoppage of play they checked him out on the sidelines and let him finish the half but in the locker room there was obviously something wrong. we had a little bit of time to really evaluate and he did not show any symptoms then but at the half he did. i didn't even really hit him. i just felt like he was going to take coffee and run with the ball. i did not hit him in his head. i think he
9:56 pm
has a concussion. pretty impressive by the home team, a senior forward tyler murphy is seven out of 10 all over the floor and then they went on a 15-0 run to end the first half. the veterans are playing well tracy abrams and illinois takes down st. francis 89-64 and the irish at the joyce center in the volleyball game broke out. notre dame working in new faces this season, one of the michigan state transfer derrick sherman who lived up, 29 to as the irish pulled22 as the irish pulled away the irish won it 59-57. the lakers shocked the world by
9:57 pm
hiring mike dan tony as their new coach and finally tonight to the northwestern soccer team waiting to see if it would get a bit to the n.c.a.a. tournament and they did. and look at the director in the upper right-hand corner. just a big kid in a really fun room. that is the news for this monday night, we are happy you shared your time with us. dole for get updates all the time on our web site. from all of us have a good night.
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